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Lease Return


Lease Return

Lease agreements have very specific guidelines concerning the turn-in condition of your vehicle. When returning a leased vehicle, be aware that dealerships hold you responsible for any damages the lease company deems as “excessive wear and tear”. Such damages as door dings, bumper scrapes, scratches, taillight cracks, windshield cracks and of course heavy damage to the vehicle. The cost of repairing any of these damages sometimes hold an average charge over $1,500 dollars to your end of lease bill.

Schedule a Lease Return Vehicle Inspection
The Polishing Pad can give you an End-Of-Lease Inspection! Our professional team will examine your vehicle for damage that you will likely be charged for when your lease expires. If we find things that need to be repaired after our inspection we will recommend the fastest and most inexpensive way to fix your damaged vehicle. Our full-service auto body center can help you save money and keep it in your pocket. Come by our facility and let us help you save money!