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Polishing Pad Services

We’re a family owned business you can trust. Once you’ve experienced our service, you’ll never go anywhere else. Everything from minor body repair to full body paint jobs, we are capable of completely restoring your vehicle to pre-collision condition.

We will also help you file a claim! Many people are hesitant to speak to their insurance companies, which is completely understandable given the circumstances surrounding most car accidents, but we will file a claim with you and guide you through the entire process.

On Site Car Rental

No Hassles

We work to provide our customers with rental cars. Whether your insurance will pay for a rental car depends upon your coverage.  (Even if you have “full coverage” it does not necessarily mean that you have rental car coverage.)

If you are in fact eligible for a rental car through your insurance policy, you will conveniently be picked up from our location within the matter of minutes.


Your rental will be provided to you at your convenience. We work closely with both Hertz as well as Enterprise. Remember, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to use Hertz or Enterprise...NOT your insurance company!

Frame Straightening

Body on Frame
Unibody Construction
Original Dimensions
Laser and Reflective Targets
Original Strength

European car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche require the use of a special frame straightening machine to correct structural damage. We use a Carolina system like those found in their automotive training centers and factories. Manufacturers feel the Carolina is the only system capable of producing the tight tolerances required for safe and accurate repairs.

Types of construction

The two types of automobile construction are body on frame and unibody. Body on frame is mostly used for trucks and SUVs. Unibody is the construction used for most automobiles and smaller crossover SUVs. Some vehicles like Jeep Cherokees are a combination of these two designs. Regardless of the design, the frame of a vehicle has multiple functions. First it defines the dimension of the vehicle. The frame is what all other parts align with. Secondly, the frame is designed to provide safety in the event of a collision. It is built to bend and crumple in certain places in order to absorb the energy of a collision while at the same time protecting the passenger compartment.

What is frame repair?

In about half of collisions there is some degree of frame damage. It could just be the bumper mounting member that’s bent of the damage could be extensive enough to require the replacement of a part or all of a frame rail. Frame repair not only involves restoring frame components to their original dimensions, but also to their original strength. Where metal is bent it becomes hardened in the bend where the molecules are pushed together. Through a process called stress relief, the molecules are arranged back to their original configuration and the steel is restored to its original strength.

How is it done?

This type of repair is done on a frame machine which is a platform onto which the vehicle can be clamped. It also uses hydraulic rams which will pull with a force of up to 20,000 lbs. Along with the devices for pulling, a measuring system is utilized. A common system uses a laser and reflective targets which are accurate to within one millimeter. This system can be used live and the dimensions of the vehicle can be monitored during the pull.


The vehicle is measured in three dimensions; height, width and length. Once the frame has been restored to its original condition, all other parts will fit and the wheels will align correctly.

Same Day Glass Replacement

Stone Chips


Let the professionals at The Polishing Pad replace it for you. We use only premium quality replacement glass installed by Certified Glass Technicians, so you’ll never have to worry about strength, fit or leaks. Whether your car’s glass was broken during an accident or as a result of vandalism, we can get the job done for you.


Ask your insurance company if you have glass coverage, don't forget to inquire about your deductible.

Paintless Dent Removal

Hail Damage
Stone Damage

There are two ways to repair “ding” damage: the traditional method of body repair – which includes hammering and painting – or paintless dent removal.

Inquire within!


Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a method of repairing dents, dings, creases, and hail damage without disturbing the vehicles original paint. Depth and location of the damage are 2 of the determining  factors in whether PDR is a viable solution. Using patience and special tools to exert pressure on the backside of the dent, damage can be reversed without sacrificing the integrity of the factory finish. Unlike conventional repairs PDR does not require any sanding, patching, filling, priming, or painting. Not needing these steps results in a great time savings. Also, without the cost of parts and materials PDR can be an less expensive alternative.

Lease Return


Lease Return

Lease agreements have very specific guidelines concerning the turn-in condition of your vehicle. When returning a leased vehicle, be aware that dealerships hold you responsible for any damages the lease company deems as “excessive wear and tear”. Such damages as door dings, bumper scrapes, scratches, taillight cracks, windshield cracks and of course heavy damage to the vehicle. The cost of repairing any of these damages sometimes hold an average charge over $1,500 dollars to your end of lease bill.

Schedule a Lease Return Vehicle Inspection
The Polishing Pad can give you an End-Of-Lease Inspection! Our professional team will examine your vehicle for damage that you will likely be charged for when your lease expires. If we find things that need to be repaired after our inspection we will recommend the fastest and most inexpensive way to fix your damaged vehicle. Our full-service auto body center can help you save money and keep it in your pocket. Come by our facility and let us help you save money!